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21st District Dems Unanimously Select Amie Hacker as Nominee

Democrats from the 21st Senate District met Tuesday night in London and unanimously chose Amie Hacker, a London small business owner and mother, as their nominee to represent Laurel, Estill, Jackson, Powell and Menifee Counties.

"Amie Hacker represents Democrats best chances in years to help bring so much over-due change to Kentucky’s State Senate," said Dan Logsdon, Chairman of the Kentucky Democratic Party. "Amie has the right message and will be a powerful voice for the working families of the 21st District. We look forward to helping Amie with her campaign and look forward to her victory on Election Day."

While this is Hacker’s first election, she brings year of private sector experience as the owner and operator of four successful local businesses, including a successful manufactured home sales center. Promising to promote policies that will foster new businesses in the district and statewide, Hacker is working to bring common sense solutions to a State Senate plagued by partisan bickering.

“Not only does Amie’s background and understanding of the Kentucky’s business community put her in a great position to win, her Republican opponent would be an enormous step backwards for the district,” Logsdon said. “The people of the district need to look to the future, not the past, for leadership. Amie Hacker is going to be a great candidate and a great leader once elected.”

Amie Hacker faces former Republican State Senator Albert Robinson to fill the seat vacated by Tom Jansen.