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The President Is Investing in Wind Power; Romney and Ryan Would End Wind Energy Tax Credits and Put Thousands of Jobs at Risk

President Obama is urging Congress to extend tax credits and keep investing in wind power, which supports thousands of jobs in states like Iowa. Romney and Ryan believe wind power and new sources of energy are “imaginary” and a “fad.” They would put those jobs at risk by ending wind energy tax credits.

President Obama is creating jobs by investing in homegrown energy. His plan keeps investing in promising clean energy industries like wind power, which supports about 7,000 jobs in Iowa and 75,000 jobs across the country.

We’ve doubled the amount of electricity America generates from wind since the President took office. We’ve built the equivalent of 12 Hoover Dams’ worth of wind energy in the past four years. That’s creating American-made clean energy that can power nearly 13 million homes.

Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan want to end tax credits for wind energy producers, which would put thousands of jobs at risk. Romney said that wind power and other new sources of energy are “imaginary,” and Ryan called them a “fad.”