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President Obama Believes in the Drive and Ingenuity of American Entrepreneurs and Workers; Romney Is Deliberately Twisting His Words

Mitt Romney is deliberately distorting President Obama’s words. The President has always believed in the drive and ingenuity of America’s entrepreneurs and workers. He believes we should stand behind them as we always have – by investing in education and training, rebuilding our roads and bridges and keeping our edge in research and technology. Mitt Romney would gut investments that help small businesses thrive.

Mitt Romney has been deliberately twisting President Obama’s words around to falsely suggest that the President doesn’t value small businesses or the entrepreneurial spirit that built this country. His distortions and accusations are flat-out wrong.

President Obama believes the drive and ingenuity of our entrepreneurs and workers make American businesses successful. When hardworking entrepreneurs turn their dreams or ideas into profitable enterprises, they’ve helped lift our economy and made the United States the envy of the world. He also believes that if you talk to any business owner, they’ll tell you that what also helps them succeed is the ability to:

  • Hire workers with the right skills and education.
  • Ship and sell their products across the country and around the world with the help of new roads, bridges, ports and wireless networks.
  • Access cutting-edge technology – which, like the Internet, can get a jumpstart from publicly-funded research and development.
  • Sell their products to a strong and growing middle class.

For two centuries, we’ve made those investments to help give our entrepreneurs the foundation to start and grow their businesses. President Obama believes we need to keep betting on American workers and American ingenuity, but Mitt Romney disagrees.

  • Romney’s plan would gut those investments so he can give more tax breaks to millionaires like himself and companies that ship jobs overseas. He thinks it’s the best way to grow our economy and help small businesses, but he’s dead wrong.
  • President Obama knows we can’t cut our way to prosperity. We didn’t build this country on our own – we built it together. Romney doesn’t get what it takes to build an economy where everyone has a fair shot.

Forward vs. Backward: This election is a choice between two fundamentally different economic visions for how to grow our economy, create jobs and pay down the debt.

  • Romney’s plan won’t grow our economy for the long run. We tried his formula for the past decade – it crashed our economy and punished the middle class.
  • President Obama has a vision for an economy built to last and built from the middle out. It starts with investments in education, energy, innovation and infrastructure, continuing to help our entrepreneurs and workers grow our economy and the middle class.