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GOP Senators Vote to Double Student Loan Interest Rates, Romney Fails to Stand Up to Republicans in Congress

Mitt Romney let Senate Republicans once again turn their back on young adults. They voted yesterday to double interest rates on federal student loans, costing students money and making it harder for more Americans get a fair shot at an affordable college education and the skills they need to find a good job.

Senate Republicans stood with big business yesterday, voting to double student loan interest rates to protect tax loopholes and giveaways for Big Oil and rewarding companies that ship jobs overseas. Mitt Romney is the Republican Party’s standard bearer, and he failed to stand up to the Republican Senators he should be leading.

Yesterday’s vote was disappointing, but it’s not too late to stop federal student loan interest rates from doubling on July 1. The clock is ticking, but Congress still has time to act. Republicans can keep standing with corporate interests and stand in the way of our students’ success, or they can finally make sure our country’s next generation of leaders and workers can afford college.

President Obama believes keeping college within reach is key to growing our economy. That’s why he’s calling on Congress to do the right thing, save students money and keep college affordable since it’s a critical part of an economy that’s built to last.