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Romney Distorts His Failed Massachusetts Record; Romney Economics Didn’t Work Then and It Won’t Work Now

Mitt Romney’s new ad doesn’t resemble anything close to the truth about his failed Massachusetts record of slower job growth, lagging unemployment and raising taxes and fees on middle-class families and small businesses. Romney Economics didn’t work then and it won’t work now.

The Facts: After months of not talking about his Massachusetts record, Romney is finally trying to defend it. But his claims about his failed record don’t hold any water – Romney Economics didn’t work then and it won’t work now.

  • Jobs: Under Romney, Massachusetts plummeted to 47th out of 50 in job creation and manufacturing jobs fell at twice the national average, the third-worst record in the country. As jobs disappeared, hundreds of thousands of people left the state.
  • Unemployment: Workers leaving the state on Romney’s watch artificially depressed the unemployment rate, which still fell slower than the national rate. When Romney took office, the state’s unemployment rate was lower than the national average; when he left office, it was higher.
  • Taxes: Romney raised more than 1,000 fees on Massachusetts residents. When he left office, the tax burden had gone up by $1,200 per person after Romney raised taxes and fees by $750 million a year.
  • Debt: Under Romney, debt went up by more than $2.6 billion – a 16 percent increase in just four years. He left Massachusetts taxpayers with more debt per person than in any other state and his successor with a billion-dollar deficit.

No New Ideas: Instead of offering new solutions to boost the economy, Romney keeps resorting to angry, dishonest rhetoric about either the President or his own record. He’s been running for President for years, but he can’t seem to come up with a single new idea or policy to grow the economy and strengthen the middle class.

President Obama has proposed a commonsense jobs plan that would put teachers, cops, firefighters, and construction workers back to work right now while helping small businesses hire and veterans find jobs. Yet Congress has refused to act, leaving a million new jobs from his plan on the table. We need to keep America moving forward.