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Kentucky Can't Trust Andy Barr

Lawyer, Lobbyist and convicted criminal Andy Barr today announced that he is running Congress again. During his last failed campaign, Barr proved that he is exactly the type of politician that Kentucky cannot trust to stand up and fight for working families and seniors. Since he lost, Barr has bragged about his support for the Republican budget, which would turn Medicare into a coupon program.

“Try as he might, Andy Barr can’t change his stripes,” said Dan Logsdon, Chairman of the Kentucky Democratic Party. “The voters in Kentucky’s 6th district rejected Andy Barr last time, and they won’t be fooled by his attempts to cover up his checkered past and extremist positions.”

Congressman Ben Chandler has been in Washington fighting to create jobs, protect middle class families and defend Republican attempts to end Medicare. Chandler has garnered strong grassroots support in his bid for re-election, raising more than twice as much as Andy Barr, with more than $864,000 cash on hand.


Barr Would Have Voted for the Ryan Budget That Would Turn Medicare Into “Voucher Style Federal Payments.” “Prior to his campaign announcement, Barr told Politico during an interview this week that he would have voted for the spending plan crafted by House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan, R-Wisconsin […]Under the plan, people now 54 and younger wouldn't go into the same Medicare program as their parents and grandparents upon retirement. Instead, they would get a voucher-style federal payment to purchase coverage from a choice of regulated private plans. It also calls for sharp cuts to Medicaid health care for the poor and disabled and to food aid for the poor.” [Associated Press, 6/9/11]

Barr Continued to Serve Under Indicted Governor Fletcher. “Barr was a lawyer in the Fletcher administration when Fletcher and many of his aides were indicted during the state hiring investigation led by Attorney General Greg Stumbo. Specifically, right before the case broke, Barr was general counsel to Local Initiatives for a New Kentucky, a controversial agency attached to the governor's office that promoted Fletcher politically across the state. LINK's director was indicted - the indictment later was dismissed - and LINK representatives were named as unindicted co-conspirators […] In September 2005, Barr refused to release records revealing LINK activities to the Herald-Leader under the Kentucky Open Records Act [..] After LINK was closed, Barr was promoted to deputy general counsel to Fletcher. […] Unlike some Fletcher officials who distanced themselves as facts emerged, such as Lt. Gov. Steve Pence , Barr stayed with Fletcher until the end and draws support from his former Fletcher colleagues.” [Lexington Herald, 9/16/10]

Lobbied Kentucky Government on Behalf of Software Company. After leaving the governor’s office, Barr became a lobbyist. He lobbied in Frankfort for CC Intelligent Solutions, Inc., a company based out of Raleigh, North Carolina. The software company hoped to sell its product to the Kentucky state government. Barr was listed as a registered Executive Branch lobbyist #2340, lobbying for CC Intelligent Solutions, Inc. He terminated his listing as a lobbyist in November 2009. [The Lexington Herald Leader, 4/11/10; Executive Agency Lobbyist Registration,, 9/01/10]

Barr Pled Guilty to Crime Then Lied About Criminal Record. “In 1993, as a 19-year-old college student in Key West, Fla., Barr was charged by police with possession of a fake Mississippi driver's license. He pleaded guilty and was ordered to provide eight hours of community service, according to court records […] When Barr applied for state government jobs under Fletcher, he checked ‘No’ on the sections asking if he had ‘ever been convicted of violating any law’ other than ‘minor traffic violations.’ Barr said he believed his Florida conviction was "minor" and did not merit disclosure.” [Lexington Herald Leader, 4/11/10]

Barr is a Lawyer With Miller Wells. “Garland ‘Andy’ Barr has joined the law office as an of-counsel attorney. He concentrates his practice in the areas of government incentive procurement, tax-exempt debt financing, government entity defense, government relations, administrative law, commercial litigation, real estate and energy law.” [Lexington Herald Leader, 10/17/11; Miller Wells Barr Biography, accessed 1/26/12]