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What They're Saying About The KY Gov. Race & The KSR Debate

FRANKFORT, KY -- The reviews are in from the Kentucky Sports Radio debate, and they are absolutely brutal for "East Coast Con Man" Matt Bevin. Words like "incompetent," "incredulous," and a "Civil War" in the KY Republican Party are being used to describe Bevin's performance -- while he's continuing to take even more criticism for hiding his tax returns and lying about his positions on critical issues. 
See for yourself: 
Politico: Bevin "Unbelievably Incompetent." "'First, Bevin refuses to raise money into the [Republican Party of Kentucky]. He's actually raised little money at all. Then he picks a fight with the [Republican Governors Association] after they spent $3 million propping him up the same week he went into Democrat Party Headquarters and screamed at a secretary. Now, he sticks his thumb in Rand's eye for no good reason,' said one Kentucky GOP insider. 'It's unbelievably incompetent; it's like he's trying to lose.'" [Politico, 9/30/15]
Daily Beast: "Betrayal At Home: A Civil War In Rand World." "'He takes contradictory positions on lots of things,' John David Dyche, a conservative columnist based in Kentucky and the author of Republican Leader, a Mitch McConnell biography, told me. 'He’s earned that reputation. He’s repeatedly said something, denied that he said that, then said something completely different.'” [The Daily Beast, 10/01/15]
Politico: GOP Leaders: "It's Very Disturbing." "Party leaders were incredulous that Bevin could slight one of his most prominent backers just four weeks before his own election. Bill Stone, a Paul ally and former chairman of the Jefferson County Republican Party, said Bevin's latest stumble is hard to fathom. 'It’s very disturbing for me that Matt would do this,' he said." [Politico, 9/30/15]
Courier-Journal: "Bevin May Also See Trouble On the Taxes Issues." "Bevin has refused, saying that he would release his returns after the election. But the poll found that 67 percent of registered voters said he should release his taxes before the election [...] Even 59 percent of Republicans say he should do it now." [The Courier-Journal, 9/30/15]
WFPL: Bevin Faced "Questions About His Ongoing Refusal to Release His Tax Returns." "Bevin has previously supported Paul’s White House bid. And his comments could prove awkward this weekend...Bevin also faced questions about his ongoing refusal to release his tax returns." [WFPL, 9/30/15
Lexington Herald-Leader: Bevin "Struggled" On Tax Returns. "Bevin struggled when Jones pressed him on why he was refusing to follow the bipartisan tradition of Kentucky gubernatorial candidates releasing their tax returns. After Bevin said Jones hadn't done his homework, Jones dared Bevin to name one candidate in the modern era besides former Gov. John Y. Brown Jr. who had not released his tax returns. Bevin was unable to name such a candidate, and he suggested that his tax returns are nobody's business." [The Lexington Herald-Leader, 9/30/15]
Insider Louisville: "Bevin Had Several Tense Exchanges."  "Bevin had several tense exchanges with Jones, particularly over his refusal to release his tax returns, which every major candidate for governor has done in Kentucky over the last 30 years....Asked about his conflicting statements throughout the campaign concerning whether or not he will do away with Kentucky’s expansion of Medicaid, Bevin didn’t add any more clarity." Insider Louisville, 9/30/15]
CNHI: Bevin "Tried Again To Have It Both Ways." "Bevin failed to clarify his stand on Medicaid expansion when asked what he’d do about 450,000 Kentuckians with health insurance through Medicaid expansion under the Affordable Care Act. He tried again to have it both ways, saying no one would lose coverage but he would not allow people to re-enroll after the first year." [CNHI, 9/30/15]
Lexington Herald-Leader: "Bevin's Campaign Should Be Worried." "Stephen Voss, a political science professor at the University of Kentucky, said the latest poll results mean Bevin's campaign 'should be worried.' ''Bevin is having more difficulty exciting the state's Republicans than Conway faces with Democrats." [Lexington Herald-Leader, 9/30/15]
Sabato's Crystal Ball: "Bevin Is In Real Danger of Blowing This Race." "We no longer feel that way. With five weeks to go the Kentucky gubernatorial race is now a pure Toss-up, instead of Leans Republican. Bevin is in real danger of blowing this race...Bevin has engaged in bizarre behavior, like stopping by the Kentucky Democratic Party office to complain about a large billboard outside that says 'We Still Can’t Trust Matt Bevin.' He has also alienated the Kentucky press corps, essentially refusing to speak with about half of them." [UVA Sabato Crystal Ball, 10/01/15]