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What They're Saying About The KY GOV Debate

At last night's Bluegrass Debate, Matt Bevin continued to prove why Republicans called him an 'East Coast Con Man' and a 'Pathological Liar." 
Bevin was called out for hiding his tax returns while Attorney General Jack Conway  "answered questions more directly than Bevin," "seized on Bevin's contradictory comments,"  and delivered a "slam dunk" on Bevin's tax returns. Here's what they're saying: 
Matt Bevin Got Called Out For Hiding His Tax Returns. "When Conway asked Bevin why he would not release his tax returns ('What is it you don’t want the people of Kentucky to see?'), Bevin talked at length about Conway’s using ‘distractions' to avoid issues. But he did not respond to the question and when it came Curtis’ time to respond, he did. 'So, I’ll actually answer the question,' Curtis said, adding he’s willing to release his tax returns though he isn’t sure what people expect to learn."[CNHI, 9/15/15]
Conway "Seized On Bevin's Contradictory Comments" On Medicaid. “Bevin was asked about his contrasting statements on Medicaid, which have varied from reversing expansion of the program to tweaking it…’We want to have as many Kentuckians as we possibly can covered with as much health care as possible at the most affordable price,’ he said. But Conway seized on Bevin’s contradictory comments, charging that Bevin would kick half a million people off health insurance.” [Courier-Journal, 9/16/15]
Matt Bevin's Dangerous Pension Plan Was Exposed. “Curtis first told The State Journal he would take out a municipal bond line of credit to help with the state’s pension problems and asked Bevin to explain his solution using ‘the most specific’ math…Curtis rebutted the idea of a 401(k) style plan as it would strain the system with more costs.” [State Journal, 9/15/15]
Matt Bevin "Didn't Actually Deny" That He Opposes Early Childhood Education Programs. “Bevin also accused Conway of misleading statements when he cites previous Bevin statements that early childhood education programs like Head Start ‘serve no purpose.’ But Bevin didn’t actually deny saying that, he simply said as a father of nine he knows the importance of early childhood education.” [CNHI, 9/15/15]
Conway Delivered a "Slam Dunk" On Tax Returns; Answered Questions "More Directly Than Bevin." "Bringing up the tax returns was a slam dunk, and he answered many questions more directly than Bevin." [The Kentucky Kernel, 9/15/15]