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We are not finished fighting!

We are back to work already. First and foremost, let us celebrate our victory! On Tuesday, November 3, we re-elected Alison Lundergan Grimes as our Secretary of State. Alison is an amazing public servant, and will continue to make us proud. We also elected Andy Beshear as our Attorney General . We are fortunate that Andy has chosen to dedicate his many talents to public service. Both of these individuals make us proud as Democrats and will serve all Kentuckians with skill, integrity and commitment. So hold your head up high!

Along with these victories, we also experienced some big disappointments in the races for Governor, Auditor, Treasurer and Commissioner of Agriculture. Jack Conway, Adam Edelen, Rick Nelson and Jean Marie Lawson Spann are amazing people and candidates. They made us proud as we worked day-in and day-out sharing their records of accomplishments and plans to move forward Kentucky forward. Let us never forget the dedicated public service of Jack Conway as Attorney General, Adam Edelen as Auditor and Rick Nelson as State Representative (a role we hope he plans to continue).

I am looking forward to the continued leadership and service of all of our candidates. Which brings me to all of you, my fellow Democrats… We had a victory Tuesday, and don’t let anyone tell you differently. Here’s why: over the last year, no, over the last eight years, the Democrats of Kentucky have joined together to bring Kentucky enlightened policies expanding access to education, health care, jobs and making our communities safer. Through the work of Governor Beshear, Lt. Governor Luallen, Attorney General Conway, Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes, Auditor Adam Edelen, Treasurer Todd Hollenbach, Congressman John Yarmuth, the Democratic controlled House of Representatives, our Democratic Senators holding the line in the Senate and, most of all, folks like you, we made Kentucky a better place for all Kentuckians. And our work is not done, nor is our fighting spirit.

So always remember, all of your work…all of your dedicated and tireless walking, talking, sign duty, fund raising, phone-banking, rallying and support…it made a difference. Through your efforts we have advanced candidates that have implemented policies that help average Kentuckians. We cannot stop now, and there is little time for rest. We have exciting and important times upon us. 2016 will bring us a battle for the House of Representatives, competitive opportunities to capture U.S. House seats in the 6th and 1st, and supporting Congressman Yarmuth has he retains the 3rd Congressional District.

You have my deepest thanks and appreciation for all you have done. Please continue fighting on…you make all of the difference.