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WAVE 3: Bevin’s Company Failed to Pay Taxes, “Not In Good Standing”

KDP Chair: Bevin’s continued refusal to release tax returns means he must be hiding something even worse

A new report from WAVE 3 NBC reveals that Matt Bevin’s company repeatedly failed to pay taxes on time in multiple states, and is currently “not in good standing” in Maine. A previous story detailed Bevin’s failure to pay his own taxes on time at least 10 times. Bevin has claimed “I have no tax delinquency problem, nor have I ever.”

“Matt Bevin’s self-serving lies about his financial scandals are beyond deceitful — they are pathological, and that’s exactly why Kentuckians cannot trust Bevin to look out for us as governor,” said Kentucky Democratic Party Chairman Patrick Hughes. “Bevin's repeated failure to pay his taxes across 5 states raises serious doubts about his ability to manage Kentucky’s finances. And Bevin’s stubborn refusal to release his tax returns — even in light of these damaging revelations —  means that Bevin must be hiding something even worse.”

From the report:

  • "A company owned by Republican candidate for Kentucky governor Matt Bevin has been delinquent on its property taxes multiple times and is currently listed as 'not in good standing' in Maine.” 
  • "Bevin's company, Integrity Holdings LLC, has paid more than $670 in interest and late fees since 2009. In one case, a town in Maine filed a lien against the company.”
  • "The company was also late to pay property tax bills on timberland in Hampton, N.Y., costing Bevin $155.20 in interest and late fees.”
  • "In June, WAVE 3 News reported that Bevin had been late to pay taxes on other properties -- his Maine vacation home and a vacant lot in Louisiana -- costing him more than $1,100 in interest and fees. At the time, Bevin said he disagreed with the numbers but didn't provide an explanation.”

This story is the latest in a series of Bevin’s escalating financial scandals: Bevin has broken Kentucky’s bipartisan tradition of disclosure by refusing to release his tax returns,  the Associated Press revealed that Bevin may be guilty of a “possible ethics violation” for failing to disclose controversial companies on state documents and the Courier-Journal detailed Bevin’s ownership of a Common Core company, despite his opposition to Common Core during his campaign.