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VIDEO: Matt Bevin's Explosive, Post Debate Meltdown

FRANKFORT, KY -- Following last night's Eastern Kentucky University gubernatorial debate Matt Bevin had yet another combative and explosive meltdown with the press -- and it's on video. Here are the highlights: 

  • Bevin refused to take questions from the press, prompting the Lexington Herald-Leader's Sam Youngman to ask him "Do you have the temperament to be Governor if you can't answer questions?" 
  • Bevin lied about having "private conversations" with the press -- a claim immediately refuted by the reporters.
  • Bevin berated veteran reporter Al Cross when confronted about his lies on Kentucky's healthcare system. 
  • When asked about his running mate Jenean Hampton's statement that their administration would consider doing away with early childhood education, Bevin stated that Hampton does not speak for the ticket. 
From David Bergstein of the Kentucky Democratic Party: “Political Science students will study Matt Bevin as an example of a politician whose delusional dishonesty run so deep that he actually believes his own lies. And then Bevin will undoubtedly respond by claiming he never ran for governor of Kentucky in the first place.” 
Here's what they're saying: 
WKMS: "After the debate, Bevin quarreled with reporters, initially refusing to take questions from Lexington Herald-Leader political writer Sam Youngman.'I think I’ve made this clear that I’m not taking questions from certain people,” Bevin said. He did not provide a reason. Bevin eventually relented, answering a question about his running mate Jenean Hampton’s comment last week that early childhood education was a 'non-issue.' 'I will not speak for her, nor does she speak for me,' Bevin said." [WKMS, 10/26/15]
Lexington Herald-Leader: "On each of the issues raised by Conway, however, there is well-worn video evidence of Bevin taking those positions before back-tracking or modifying them [...] After the debate, in a contentious gaggle with reporters, Bevin, who initially refused to answer questions from the Herald-Leader, was asked how he reconciles his stated support for early childhood education with his running mate's remarks [...] 'I said she does not speak for me,' Bevin said as his spokeswoman tried to intervene." [Lexington Herald-Leader, 10/25/15
Courier-Journal: "Throughout, Bevin liberally used the words 'lying' and “'lies' to describe claims that Conway has made during the election – even when Conway is backed up by video evidence of Bevin’s statements [...] Following the debate, Bevin wouldn’t address Hampton’s statement in a recent debate suggesting that she was open to starting public education in kindergarten or the first grade. " [Courier-Journal, 10/25/15]
CN2: "There were other sharp exchanges throughout the night, but perhaps the sharpest exchanges were saved for after the debate when Bevin again initially refused to take questions from a reporter, and said his running mate Jenean Hampton 'does not speak for me.'" [CN2, 10/25/15]