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VIDEO: Bevin: "It's Not As If These People Will Suddenly Be Destitute"

FRANKFORT, KY -- At the Kentucky Rural Health Association Conference, Matt Bevin proved once again why Kentuckians cannot trust him to serve as governor, giving an insulting and callous answer about his plan to repeal the Medicaid expansion and take away healthcare for nearly 500,000 Kentuckians. 
Bevin: “There’s nobody who’s getting it that doesn’t have some element of need…But it’s not as if these people will suddenly be destitute in the street if they don’t have everything that they currently have today.”

From David Bergstein of the Kentucky Democratic Party: ​"First Matt Bevin didn't tell the truth about his plan to repeal Medicaid  -- and now he's callously lying about the serious impact of his proposal that would strip away healthcare for nearly 500,000 hardworking Kentuckians. It's all just more proof why Republicans called Bevin an 'East Coast Con Man,' and that we can't trust him to serve as our governor." 
Bevin has previously questioned the importance of healthcare for Kentuckians, stating  "Do you know a single person in this country, and you know a lot of people, who has ever died on the street of cancer or anything else in America?”