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VIDEO: 1 Day After Bevin Admits He Didn't Pay Taxes, He Lies About It

FRANKFORT, KY -- One day after the Associated Press reported that Matt Bevin "acknowledged he has been late paying his taxes," Bevin denied that he had ever failed to pay taxes in yet another contentious confrontation with reporters.  
The Lexington Herald-Leader reported that "despite confirming to The Associated Press just days ago that he had been late paying his personal and corporate taxes at least 30 times, Bevin said when asked that that wasn't true." 
From David Bergstein of the Kentucky Democratic Party: "'East Coast Con Man' Matt Bevin cannot go 24 hours without lying about what he said -- and his rampant duplicity speaks directly to his dishonest character and unhinged temperament. This is exactly why Republicans called him a 'Pathological Liar' and why Kentuckians do not trust Bevin to be governor."