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Sorry American Pharoah, Bevin Would Slash Support For Kentucky’s Horse Industry

FRANKFORT, KY — Today Kentuckians are celebrating American Pharoah’s historic Triple Crown victory, but if Matt Bevin had his way he would slash support for Kentucky’s equine industry, jeopardizing a landmark industry that helps power Kentucky’s economy. 

Meanwhile, “Bailout Bevin" had no problem taking tax dollars to enrich himself: accepting a $100,000 taxpayer funded handout, and even praising the Wall Street Bailout. 

“Matt Bevin has no problem enriching himself by taking thousands of dollars in taxpayer funded handouts, but he wants to slash support for vital programs that power Kentucky’s economy — including Kentucky’s landmark equine industry which is being celebrated across the Commonwealth today,” said David Bergstein of the Kentucky Democratic Party. “Republicans were right when they called Bevin an ‘East Coast Con Man:' he’ll say and do anything to help himself, and he keeps proving how out of touch he is with Kentucky’s values.” 


Bevin Called to Get Rid of Tax Expenditures. “We have got to get rid of what are called tax expenditures in the state of Kentucky. Tax expenditures are Frankfort speak for loopholes. They cost the taxpayers $10 billion a year…Many are political in nature. Many of them are specifically because somebody knows somebody, because somebody has a better lobbyist than somebody else.” [Jessamine County Forum, 4/25/15]

Kentucky’s Equine Industry Receives Millions in Support Through Tax Expenditures.  According to the 2014-2016 tax expenditure report, Kentucky’s equine industry will receive $24.3 million in support through tax expenditures in FY 2016. [Tax Expenditure Analysis, FY 2014-2016]