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SHOT/CHASER: Matt Bevin's Lie of the Day: Common Core

SHOT: “'But we jumped for something before we even looked into the pool,' Bevin said, arguing that the standards had not yet been written before we 'signed up' for them.” [KY Chamber of Commerce Bottom Line, 8/18/15]
CHASER: "The standards actually had been drafted by the time in 2010 that Kentucky adopted them through the joint action of the state Board of Education, the Council on Postsecondary Education and the Education Professional Standards Board (which oversees teacher certification). They were finalized a few months later before Kentucky implemented the standards […]the Kentucky Department of Education points out that Kentucky teachers were involved in the development of the current academic standards and Commissioner Holliday noted that the standards have been tweaked in the state and are now called the Kentucky Core Academic Standards.” [KY Chamber of Commerce Bottom Line, 8/18/15]
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