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SHOT/CHASER: Bevin Campaign Claims He Did Not Criticize Fancy Farm

SHOT: Bevin's campaign manager to WPSD last night: "Matt's criticism is not of Fancy Farm." [WPSD, 8/4/14]

CHASERCourier-Journal: "Matt Bevin criticizes Fancy Farm Picnic- Again"  [8/04/15]
WDRB: "Bevin’s attacks aimed at Fancy Farm itself, not Conway" [8/01/15]
WHAS: “Bevin, meanwhile, challenged Fancy Farm tradition — saying its attacks and stunts celebrate ‘the very worst elements of the political process.’” [8/02/15]
Herald-Leader: “Bevin took the state to decry the nature of the event…said that the people there ‘literally are celebrating the very worst elements of the political process.’” [8/01/15]
Courier-Journal: “Bevin attacked the partisan nature of the Fancy Farm Picnic on Saturday at the state’s annual political and barbecue orgy that traditionally kicks off the fall campaign season in Kentucky…Mat Jones, the host of Kentucky Sports Radio, who emceed the event, was incredulous. ‘Matt, I’ve got to give you credit,’ Jones said. ‘That’s a strong speech, come to Fancy Farm and say you don’t like Fancy Farm.’” [8/02/15]
Kentucky New Era: “Most were happy to partake in the political red meat for which Fancy Farm Picnic is famous, but Republican candidate for governor Matt Bevin chose instead to bash the rally.” [8/03/15]
WAVE3: “Bevin delivered an unusual speech, casting criticism toward the event, which is in its 135th year and is a Kentucky political tradition.” [8/01/15]
CNHI: “He even called the Fancy Farm tradition of partisan barbs from politicians and hectoring by partisans ‘literally celebrating the very worst elements of the political process.’”[8/01/15]
CN2: “Bevin completely reversed the Fancy Farm norm, eschewed the partisan tenor of Kentucky’s signature political event before leading the crowd in the Pledge of Allegiance and painting in broad strokes in his remarks.” [8/01/15]
WAVE3: “Republican Matt Bevin raised eyebrows when he called Fancy Farm’s traditional theater ‘childish’ before challenging the assembled partisans to recite the Pledge of Allegiance.” [8/02/15]
AP: “Matt Bevin turned Kentucky’s famous political circus on its head Saturday by ignoring his Democratic opponent and saving his jabs for the event itself. The Republican nominee for governor criticized the politician speaking at the 135th annual Fancy Farm picnic as childish and celebrating divisions. The event is a storied tradition in Kentucky politics for pitting political foes against each other in front of hostile crowds in a contest of insults.” [8/01/15]
Murray Ledger & Times: “However, what the large and loud crowd was not ready to hear was someone criticize the basis of the event itself. Yet that was what Republican candidate Matt Bevin seemed to do…” [8/03/15]
Paducah Sun: “Matt Bevin, the Republican, made the unusual decision to skip his chance to smack his rival. Rather, Bevin started his five minutes on stage by criticizing the event itself.” [8/02/15]