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Rand Paul Speech Starkly Out of Step with Kentucky Priorities

Following Sen. Rand Paul’s reaction speech to the President’s State of the Union, Kentucky Democratic Party Chairman Dan Logsdon released the following statement:

“Last night, in his response to the State of the Union, Rand Paul may not have plagiarized, but he sure borrowed a lot of failed Republican ideas from the past. He spent nearly ten minutes defending the economic agenda of massive tax cuts and less regulation of Wall Street that hurt Kentucky and sent our country into the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression. Paul’s devotion to the idea that tax cuts for the wealthy and harsh cuts to safety net programs will spur economic growth and create jobs don’t match up with the reality we see every day in Kentucky. For example, here at home we’ve expanded Medicaid and launched Kynect – relieving the fears of countless Kentuckians that a health scare may drive them to bankruptcy. But Rand Paul believes the key to improving life for Kentuckians is to gut these programs, slash tax rates for the wealthiest among us, and leave more Kentucky families out in the cold. This tired agenda is at odds with what’s working in Kentucky and represents just how out of touch today’s Republican Party is from the needs of working families in the Commonwealth.”