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QUICK CLIP: Jones, Stumbo Highlight Contrast in KY Gov Race

Last night on KET's Kentucky Tonight Kentucky Senate Democratic Leader Ray Jones and House Speaker Greg Stumbo highlighted the clear contrasts between Attorney General Jack Conway and Matt Bevin on critical issues like early childhood education and raising the minimum wage. 

Leader Jones: "First of all, education. We have Matt Bevin saying he's against early childhood education. He says it's basically a waste of money. He's for vouchers. As we all know our public school system doesn't have the money it needs now. Teacher raises have been fairly stagnant. We have a significant problem with an unfunded liability in the Kentucky Teacher Retirement System. And we have a gubernatorial candidate who wants to take money away from the 90 plus percent of the children in Kentucky who go to public schools. Jack Conway supports public education, he supports early childhood education. And I think that's a clear distinction between the two candidates. The vast majority of people in Kentucky do not send their kids to private schools or homeschool their kids. And to create a voucher system like Matt Bevin advocates would be catastrophic for our public school system." 
Speaker Stumbo: "I think the minimum wage is going to be at the forefront. The 2015 poll, the Bluegrass poll that was conducted, shows that was the number one issue on Kentuckians minds in this gubernatorial race, so both candidates are going to be reflected upon that. The larger issue involved in that is taking care of working families, trying to increase the way that we all move up in America. I think that's a big issue nationally and here in Kentucky. Jack Conway is clearly for doing that, helping working families, increasing the minimum wage. It hasn't been increased in 7 years, and even Walmart and the large employers like McDonalds are increasing their minimum wages voluntarily. There have been several referendums in the past 12 months by states that are red states, not blue states, where voters have accepted this. So I think you are going to see a lot of talk from the Conway campaign about education and about improving the lives of working Kentuckians, improving the minimum wage and creating a way that we can move up from middle class status on up the ladder."