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New Video: Matt Bevin Now Open To Tolling

In a stunning reversal, this morning Matt Bevin told the Kentucky Automobile Dealers Association that he is now open to tolling Kentucky’s parkways. Previously, Bevin claimed he was opposed to tolling, saying “Tolls are taxes. Straight up.”

Q: "Would you be a proponent for tolling the existing parkway system to continue maintaining and expanding it?" 

Bevin: "I mean I would be willing to look at it, talk to people. The one thing about parkways, that are interesting. If you have other alternatives and you’re willing to pay a fee to get from A to B in a direct line and not, if you're willing to take the hypotenuse for a fee instead of that right angle for free, then you pay for that. It happens everywhere, people do that. So it’s certainly something I would be willing to consider."


From David Bergstein of the Kentucky Democratic Party: "Add tolling to the long list of issues that Kentuckians cannot trust Matt Bevin on. Just like the 'East Coast Con Man' that he is, Bevin tries to say one thing when he thinks no one is watching and the opposite to the rest of us. It's just more proof that Kentuckians can't trust Bevin to serve as our governor.