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Matt Bevin Violates Election Law

Matt Bevin violated Kentucky election laws and state statutes by sending an "open letter" on Thursday to Kentucky public school teachers soliciting their support for his campaign through their government email accounts. 
Bevin's "open letter" is addressed to teachers, includes multiple claims regarding his campaign position on the pension system, and was received by numerous public school teachers on their government email accounts. An example from a teacher working in the Bowling Green school system is available online here
KY State Statute 121.150 prohibits a candidate from soliciting a contribution of money or services from a state employee if it is specifically targeted at that employee because they are a public employee. 
"Matt  Bevin's refusal to follow state laws in pursuit of his political ambition demonstrates yet again that he lacks the judgement, ethics or temperament to be governor," said Kentucky Democratic Party Chairman Patrick Hughes. "The fact that multiple public school teachers received Bevin's campaign propaganda on their government email accounts also raises the question of how Bevin obtained these email addresses in the first place. This dishonest, desperate and illegal campaign tactic in the final days of the race is just another example proving why Kentuckians do not trust an 'East Coast Con Man' like Bevin to be governor."