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"Matt Bevin Is Running An Absolutely Terrible Campaign"

It was another horrendous week for 'East Coast Con Man' Matt Bevin. He's under fire for attacking seniors; drawing virulent criticism for refusing to release his tax returns; and Republicans are continuing to speak out against him. 
The week ended with the conservative Northern Kentucky Enquirer endorsing Attorney General Jack Conway and a national prognosticator shifting the race against Bevin -- while his desperate decision to release his internal poll showing him losing drew national derision.
Today we even learned that Bevin is refusing to air TV ads on WAVE NBC in retaliation for the station exposing his late taxes. 
See for yourself: 
Cincinnati Enquirer: Make him Ky. Gov. Conway. "Matt Bevin...hasn’t shown he knows how to unite his own party, much less bridge the partisan divide." [Cincinnati Enquirer Editorial, 10/16/15]
Rothenberg Gonzales & Political Report: Kentucky Governor Race Tilts Toward Democrats.  "Some GOP strategists have been underwhelmed by Bevin’s campaign and commitment to the race, whether it be fundraising or spending money from his own wallet." [Roll Call, 10/16/15]
Daily Kos: Republican Matt Bevin is trailing... in his own poll. "We can now add Matt Bevin to the rarefied Hall of Shame for candidates who release internal polls showing them trailing their opponents." [Daily Kos, 10/16/15]
Reid Wilson, Morning Consult: "Matt Bevin is running an absolutely terrible campaign." "Matt Bevin is running an absolutely terrible campaign. He's running such a bad campaign that the Republican Governor's Association has taken money out of the state." [Meet The Press Daily, 10/16/15
Politico: Matt Bevin's Solo, Underfunded Campaign. "The RGA stopped spending money on television ads two weeks ago and has no intentions of returning to the airwaves unless Bevin significantly increases his own spending [...] At an event McConnell, Paul and the rest of the Kentucky delegation hosted for Bevin in D.C. last week, the candidate showed up more than an hour late." [Politico, 10/12/15]
Courier-Journal: Bevin shutting out WAVE ads is short-sighted. Bevin is still mad at reporter Theo Keith [...] He did a couple of stories over the summer about Bevin and his failure to pay taxes. Bevin didn’t like the stories, so, the GOP gubernatorial candidate publicly shut him out [...] As you may recall, there is a long list of reporters to whom Bevin won’t speak. What you didn’t know and what I didn’t realize until this week was that Bevin had also shut out WAVE from his advertising budget — small as it may be." [The Courier Journal, 10/17/15]
Dyche: Bevin and his Blueprint leave lots of unanswered questions. "It is incredibly hard to pin Bevin down.  He is evasive, fluent in conservative buzz words, and does not blanch at denying his own words." [WDRB, 10/16/15]
WFPL: "Bevin's Plan 'Throws Pension-Holders Under the Bus.'" "Siedle said Bevin’s plan 'throws pension-holders under the bus' by exposing their retirement funds to the volatility of the stock market." [WFPL, 10/16/15]
National Public Pension Coalition: Bevin plan would further endanger state pensions. "Republican candidate Matt Bevin has made public-pension reform a centerpiece of his gubernatorial bid, promising to dismantle Kentucky's pension systems in a misguided attempt to cure the state's financial ills....The 401(k)-style accounts don't offer the same guarantee and they are also a bad deal for taxpayers." [Lexington Herald-Leader Guest Column, 10/12/15]
Republican John David Dyche: "It would be the Fletcher administration without the experience and maturity." "'I'm concerned that if he's elected, he will set back the cause,' Dyche said of Bevin. 'It would be the Fletcher administration without the experience and maturity.' [...] Stone said Bevin's rebuff of Paul was an example of what he consider's Bevin's knack for the 'unforced error.' 'It really upset a lot of Republicans who support Rand Paul,' Stone said." [The Courier-Journal, 10/15/15]
Lexington Herald-Leader: Bevin Has "Profound Lack of Knowledge About State, Or Any Government." "Republican gubernatorial nominee Matt Bevin has two conflicting attributes: His intense need to appear decisive and firm, and his profound lack of knowledge about state, or any, government. This was in evidence in the recent distracting dustup over his proposal to drug test Medicare recipients, or perhaps Medicaid recipients, or both, he said one thing and an aide later said the other." [Lexington Herald-Leader Editorial, 10/15/15]
Lee Cruse Show: Bevin Grilled On Tax Returns. "It's just like the policeman asks me. If you've got nothing to hide, why won't you let us look?" [The Lee Cruse Radio Show, 10/14/15]