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March 2013 Newsletter

The pundits call it an off-year, but with the prospect of retiring America’s most dangerous and least popular Senator, the stakes are far too high to take time off. The groundwork for a successful 2014 has already begun, and below, you’ll find some of what we’ve been up to, along with some important ways you can get involved.

Thank you for everything you do to keep Kentucky and the Democratic Party strong.




For most of us, tax preparation is nothing to get excited about. But this year, with a single stroke of the pen, you can bring to your taxes the thrill of working to defeat Mitch McConnell.

On your Kentucky Income tax form, you’ll find the heading, “Political Party Fund.” By simply checking the box next to “Kentucky Democratic Party,” you allocate $2 of your tax payment toward Kentucky Democrats, and it won’t cost you a dime.

Learn more about the Tax Check Off

Seriously, it’s that easy. And it’s incredibly important. Please check the box.


Radical Rookies

Kentucky’s newest Congressmen, Thomas Massie and Andy Barr, wasted no time establishing themselves as two of the most radical in Washington. In their first week in DC, they were among the less than one-fifth of the House who voted against disaster assistance for victims of Super Storm Sandy. Those who suffer the effects of natural disaster deserve better than to be ignored by our nation’s leaders, and Kentucky deserves better than Barr and Massie. You can read more in my op-ed on our website.


The KDP State Central Executive Committee is drafting our road map to 2014 victory, and we’d love to know what you think. This summer, the Committee will host meetings around the Commonwealth for interested Democrats to offer feedback and ideas for the new strategy. We’ll be sending out dates and locations soon, so be on the lookout for meetings in your area.


Stop Violence Against Women

Congress did an amazing thing this past month. Members of Congress set aside their usual gamesmanship and did the right thing by reauthorizing the highly effective Violence Against Women Act, which assists 67,000 women everyday and has helped decrease domestic abuse by 64% since its inception. Nearly 80% of the Senate, including every woman, voted for the legislation. But guess who didn’t. The Republican Leader, Mitch McConnell. If Senator McConnell is unhappy that only 17% of Kentuckians are committed to voting for him, he might want to reconsider turning his back on more than half the electorate. You can read my op-ed on that on our website.


Help us Beat Mitch McConnell

Desperate. Scared. Self-serving. Unpopular. These are a few of the adjectives that describe Mitch McConnell. But here are a few more: loaded, vicious, dirty.

Senator McConnell spends most of his days raising money that he intends to use for the same underhanded smear campaigns that have gotten him elected in the past. He’s literally running attack ads against anyone who’s thinking about running against him!

For Democrats to effectively fight back – while retaining the State House and taking back the State Senate – we must be able to compete financially, and we need your help to do it.

As I said, we’re hard at work here at the KDP, and Senator McConnell is already running desperate attacks. We cannot afford to sit back until the final push. The only way Democrats win in 2014 is if we start working now. Can you make a contribution today?

You have done so much to keep Kentucky Democrats strong, and I know with your continued and early support, we will keep the State House, take back the State Senate, and DEFEAT MITCH MCCONNELL.