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Let the People Vote

The time has come to Let the People Vote on expanded gaming! I am excited to tell you that after almost two decades of discussion and debate on the issue of expanded gaming, today a State Senate committee passed a constitutional amendment that will finally let the people of Kentucky vote on whether or not they want expanded gaming in Kentucky.

For me, it’s simple – Kentuckians are spending hundreds of millions of dollars at casinos in our neighboring states, and I think it’s time we keep that money right here in Kentucky for our schools, our children, our roads, and our citizens.

This legislation could be voted by the full Senate as early as tomorrow. If you think it’s time that the people of Kentucky decide, please call your senator and tell them to vote Yes on Senate Bill 151, the constitutional amendment that will FINALLY let the people vote on expanded gaming.

You can reach your senator by calling 502-564-8100 or 1-800-372-7181. If you are unsure who your senator is, please click here to find out.