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KY Dems Release New Movie-Style Trailer: “What Else Is Matt Bevin Hiding?"

FRANKFORT, KY — Today the Kentucky Democratic Party is releasing a new, movie-style trailer: “What Else Is Matt Bevin Hiding?” The web video highlights Bevin’s recent refusal to release his tax returns — breaking with a bipartisan tradition of disclosure by Kentucky’s gubernatorial nominees — as well as Bevin’s “possible ethics violation” for failing to disclose controversial companies on required state documents. 

“It’s the hottest question of the summer: what else is Matt Bevin hiding?” said David Bergstein of the Kentucky Democratic Party. “Whether Bevin is breaking a bipartisan Kentucky tradition by refusing to disclose his tax returns or violating state ethics laws by hiding his controversial out-of-state corporations on state documents, Bevin keeps proving why Republicans called him an ‘East Coast Con Man,’ and that he can’t be trusted to look out for anyone but himself.” 

This week, Kentucky Democrats also launched an online clock tracking the amount of time that Bevin is refusing to release his returns. 


AP Headline: "Bevin Didn't Disclose Positions, A Possible Ethics Violation." "Matt Bevin did not disclose his positions with two companies on his financial disclosure statement, a possible violation of state ethics laws. Bevin is the president of Bevin Bros. Manufacturing in Connecticut and a 'member, manager or other authorized person' with Academic Merit in Maine, according to records filed with the secretary of state's offices in those two states. Bevin disclosed both positions in his 2014 run for the U.S. Senate. But they do not appear on his financial disclosure statement for his run for governor this year.” [AP, 6/11/15]

CN2: When Asked If He Would Release His Tax Returns As A Gubernatorial Candidate, Matt Bevin Refused. "’No,' said Bevin, who last year held interests worth either more than $10,000 or at least 5 percent in seven businesses specializing in products such as LED lights, candy and medical devices according to his financial disclosure form filed with the Executive Branch Ethics Commission. 'Why? Why would I?' When Pure Politics told Bevin others, such as Gov. Steve Beshear, released such records as candidates, he said he sees no value ‘whatsoever' in publicizing his tax returns as a gubernatorial hopeful.” [CN2, 6/10/15]