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KY Dems Release New Digital Ad In AG Race: “Me Time”

On the heels of a new CN2 report revealing that as a part-time prosecutor Whitney Westerfield skipped out on taxpayers for pedicures, today the Kentucky Democratic Party is launching a new digital advertisement in Kentucky’s Attorney General race: “Me Time.”

The spot highlights the new revelations that Westerfield’s “’personal interests often [took] priority over work duties,’” including “'Teeth Cleaning vs. Jury Trial,' 'Pedicure vs. Arraignments,' and 'Cell Phone in Court.’” Read the comments yourself here.  

“Whitney Westerfield’s wrong priorities and self-interested agenda is exactly why he cannot be trusted to look out for Kentucky families,” said Kentucky Democratic Party Chairman and former Chief Deputy Attorney General Patrick Hughes. “Whether Westerfield is misrepresenting his experience as a part time prosecutor and full time debt collector or skipping out on his taxpayer funded job in order to get a pedicure, it’s clear Westerfield is only looking out for himself. While hygiene is important, protecting kids and families should be the top priority for Kentucky’s next Attorney General.”

The ad campaign will target voters across Kentucky through social media platforms, including Facebook and Twitter.



Transcript for “Me Time:” 

Announcer: Meet the Kentucky lawyer who, when he needs some “me time” puts up his feet at the salon.

Announcer: As an assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney, Mr. Whitney Westerfield skipped court for pedicures.

Announcer: His file shows that personal interests took priority over work, like getting pedicures, his secret guilty pleasure, instead of arraigning criminals.

Announcer: Electing Whitney Westerfield Attorney General would be a step in the wrong direction.