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KY Dems Offer 6 Suggestions For Bevin's Online Store

Matt Bevin’s self-financed, debt-ridden campaign just launched an online store. Putting aside the obvious question of where these donations are going since Bevin is bankrolling his own campaign, today Kentucky Democrats are offering 6 suggestions for additional products that Bevin’s campaign should offer. 

1. Quicken for Dummies. Since Bevin broke Kentucky's bipartisan tradition of disclosure and refused to release his taxes, he's faced a series of escalating scandals surrounding his finances. For example, WAVE 3 NBC Louisville revealed that Bevin failed to pay his taxes on time at least 10 times -- despite Bevin's claim that "I have no tax delinquency problem, nor have I ever."

2. A Guide To Kentucky Ethics Laws. The Associated Press reported that Bevin is guilty of a "possible ethics violation" for failing to disclose controversial corporations on required state documents. One of the companies Bevin tried to hide received a $100,000 government bailout and was the inspiration for Republican attacks labelling him "Bailout Bevin."

3. Academic Merit’s Pro-Common Core Software. The Courier-Journal revealed that another company Bevin failed to report on his required state documents is the pro-Common Core software business Academic Merit. In a shocking display of hypocrisy, Bevin has opposed Common Core on the campaign trail, while enriching himself through this Common Core company. 

4. A “Bevinocchio” Nose. Republicans have labeled Bevin a "Pathological Liar" and an "East Coast Con Man" because he's proven over and over again that he'll say anything to help his own self-interested political agenda. McConnell Aide Larry Cox said “Bevin’s falsehoods right off of the bat aren’t doing the party any favors,” and local GOP Chair Bill Stone said “It’s hard to mend fences when you don’t tell the truth.”

5. Giant Roadside Rooster Garden Statue. Bevin initially earned widespread condemnation for his support of cockfighting during his campaign against Sen. McConnell. In response to criticism, Bevin attempted to reverse his position — until video emerged of Bevin at a pro-cockfighting rally defending the barbaric practice. In response, Republican Allison Moore, a spokeswoman for Sen. McConnell’s campaign, slammed Bevin for misleading Kentuckians, stating: "Twenty years from now, we will all remember the time when the East Coast con-man thought so little of Kentuckians that he pathologically lied to us about absolutely everything until an undercover camera caught him red-handed at a cockfighting rally.”

6. Print Your Own Diploma From Any School You Chose. Bevin initially claimed that he attended MIT, until news reports revealed that was not true. Bevin still hasn’t explained why he listed MIT on his LinkedIn page or why he changed it after being confronted by reporters. Republican Superacs have slammed Bevin for misleading Kentuckians about his resume.