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KY Dems Launch New Website:

Today the Kentucky Democratic Party launched a new website:

The site features statements from Kentucky Republicans explaining why they believe Matt “Bevinocchio” Bevin  is wrong for Kentucky — including the statement from Sen. McConnell’s top aide Josh Holmes that Bevin’s “only agenda would be the commissioning of his portrait.” Individuals can also use the site to share the statements from Kentucky Republicans about Bevin on social media.  

“We agree with top Kentucky Republicans who have said that Matt Bevin is a ‘pathological liar,’ an ‘east coast con man,’ and a ‘selfish, angry’ politician who is only ‘running to satisfy his ego,’” said Kentucky Democratic Party Chairman Patrick Hughes. “This site will be a valuable resource for Kentucky voters to learn what Kentucky Republicans really think about Matt Bevinoccio, and why so many of them believe that Bevin’s self-interested agenda and record of deceit is wrong for Kentucky.”