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KY Dems Launch New Online Petition: Oppose Cockfighting? Oppose Bevin.

FRANKFORT, KY — Today the Kentucky Democratic Party is launching a new online petition urging Kentuckians to sign their name to take a stand against cockfighting and Matt Bevin’s deceitful, self-serving political agenda. 

Bevin initially earned widespread condemnation for his support of cockfighting during his campaign against Sen. McConnell. In response to criticism, Bevin attempted to reverse his position — until video emerged of Bevin at a pro-cockfighting rally defending the barbaric practice. In response, Republican Allison Moore, a spokeswoman for Sen. McConnell’s campaign, slammed Bevin for misleading Kentuckians, stating: "Twenty years from now, we will all remember the time when the East Coast con-man thought so little of Kentuckians that he pathologically lied to us about absolutely everything until an undercover camera caught him red-handed at a cockfighting rally.”

"The only thing worse than defending cockfighting is trying to mislead Kentuckians about it, and Matt Bevin has done both,” said David Bergstein of the Kentucky Democratic Party. “We are urging Kentuckians to take a stand against this barbaric sport and send Bevin a message that his deceitful, self-interested political agenda is badly out of step with Kentucky’s values.” 

The text of the petition and email announcing it is below: 

What's worse than supporting cockfighting? Trying to mislead Kentuckians about it. ‎Matt Bevin has done both. 

That's not the kind of self-serving political agenda that we need from Kentucky's next Governor. That's why need to take a stand, and we need to make our voices heard.

Click here to add your name to take a stand against cockfighting AND Matt Bevin.

Bevin was caught red-handed and on camera misleading Kentuckians about his support for cockfighting, but now he wants to be Governor. 

If you are against cockfighting ‎you are against Matt Bevin.  Add your name and we’ll show Bevin just how badly out of touch his self-interested and deceitful political agenda is with Kentucky’s values. 

If we get enough signatures, we’ll send a strong message to Bevin: Kentucky doesn’t support cockfighting, and Kentucky don’t support you.