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KY Dems Launch Contest To Update Billboard

FRANKFORT, KY -- Today the Kentucky Democratic Party is launching a contest, asking for suggestions to update the famous KDP Billboard. Individuals can sign up to help with Get-Out-The-Vote efforts and then submit their ideas to update the sign. Chairman Patrick Hughes will pick the winner. 
"Matt Bevin's erratic and unhinged behavior in response to our billboard is one of the clearest examples that he lacks the temperament to lead Kentucky as governor," said Kentucky Democratic Party Chairman Patrick Hughes. "Throughout this campaign Bevin has proved why Republicans called him an 'East Coast Con Man' and a 'Pathological Liar' -- and we strongly urge individuals to use these labels in their suggestions for the billboard." 
Bevin has twice stopped by the Kentucky Democratic Party Headquarters to complain about the billboard: 

Courier-Journal: “Matt Bevin stopped by party headquarters Friday afternoon to complain to a receptionist about a marquee sign on Interstate 64 in Frankfort that said, ‘You still can’t trust Matt Bevin.’” [Courier-Journal, 9/25/15]

WHAS: "Kentucky democrats are saying that Republican nominee Matt Bevin came to their headquarters and yelled at a receptionist...Bevin entered their headquarters to complain about a sign." [WHAS, 9/25/15]

Daily Kos: "On Sept. 25, he personally stopped in at Democratic Party headquarters in Frankfort to complain about a nearby billboard...This is not made up. This is Matt Bevin." [Daily Kos, 9/28/15]

Herald-Leader: "Bevin's ill-advised and jaw dropping decision to show up at the Kentucky Democratic Party headquarters o Friday to complain to the receptionist about the sign...It was Bevin's second trip to the headquarters to complain about the sign." [Herald-Leader, 9/29/15]

MSNBC: "Bevin...personally visited a Democratic Party's headquarters in Frankfort and yelled at a receptionist about a campaign billboard he didn't like."  [MSNBC, 9/29/15]

National Journal: Last week, the nominee stopped by Kentucky Democratic Party headquarters to berate a receptionist about an anti-Bevin billboard hanging on the interstate." [National Journal, 9/30/15]

Sabato's Crystal Ball: "Bevin has engaged in bizarre behavior, like stopping by the Kentucky Democratic Party office to complain about a large billboard outside that says 'We Still Can't Trust Matt Bevin.'" [Sabato's Crystal Ball, 10/01/15]

Herald-Leader: "Republican nominee Matt Bevin's idea of campaigning includes petulant visits to Kentucky Democratic Party headquarters (lots of votes for him to be found there) to complain about signs." [Herald-Leader, 10/04/15]

Courier-Journal: "Matt Bevin...made his second visit to state Democratic headquarters -- this time entering the building -- to complain about the party's marquee sign saying that he can't be trusted." [Courier-Journal, 10/09/15]

Herald-Leader: "Bevin's unusual antics -- showing up at Kentucky Democratic Party headquarters to complain to a receptionist about their sign -- had led many in the party to question whether he could win."  [Herald-Leader, 10/19/15]

Herald-Leader: "Bevin had Republican heads shaking because of his strange visit to the Kentucky Democratic Party's headquarters." [Herald-Leader, 10/20/15]

CNHI: "Kentucky Republicans appeared to conclude Bevin's undisciplined campaign -- he twice showed up at Kentucky Democratic Party headquarters to complain about a sign along I-64 the KDP uses to question Bevin's trustworthiness -- was faltering." [CNHI, 10/20/15]