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The Kentucky House of Representatives Won't Become David Williams' House

Pooling resources with an unprecedented level of coordination, the Kentucky Democratic Party is working “hand in glove” with Democratic House leadership to launch the 2012 coordinated campaign aimed at defending Democratic members of Kentucky’s House of Representative and aggressively targeting open races across the state. Building on their success in 2011, Democrats will force Kentucky Republicans to answer for David Williams failed leadership in Frankfort.

“The Kentucky Democratic Party is ready to out-organize, out-raise and out-work the competition to make sure that Kentucky’s House of Representatives doesn’t become the disaster that David Williams’ State Senate has become,” said Dan Logsdon, Chairman of the Kentucky Democratic Party. “Last November Kentuckians reaffirmed their desire to see continued commonsense Democratic leadership in Frankfort and we haven’t taken a day off in continuing the fight.”

While Republicans have recently expressed confidence about GOP chances to take control of the Kentucky House in 2012, Kentuckians have already rejected the leadership of David Williams and are not ready to hand his party the House of Representatives. Throughout the fall campaign, every Republican House member and challenger will have to explain their support of David Williams failed agenda and ego-driven leadership in Frankfort and Kentuckians will be paying attention.

Working closely with House leadership, Logsdon believes Democratic successes in November will come from activating the same volunteer network that pushed Democrats to a near clean-sweep in 2011. Kentuckians don’t want to see the House fall into the same hands that have crippled the State Senate.

“If you want to see what happens when you lose commonsense Democratic leadership in the Kentucky House, look no further than David Williams’ State Senate,” Logsdon said. “Make no mistake about it, if David Williams’ party gains a majority in the House, we’ll have front row seats to the Bully from Burkesville’s unchecked assaults on working families, women, students, teachers and organized labor. The Kentucky Democratic Party and Democrats in the House will be working everyday between now and November to make sure that doesn’t happen.”