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Kentucky Democrats Elect Rep. Sannie Overly as Kentucky Democratic Party Chair

The State Central Executive Committee of the Kentucky Democratic Party (KDP) elected State Representative and House Majority Caucus Chair Sannie Overly to lead the party today. Chair Overly emerged as the clear choice to lead Kentucky Democrats from Paducah to Pikeville who stand up for public education, affordable health care, and working families across the Commonwealth.

“It’s an honor to be chosen as chair of our Kentucky Democratic Party, the party that I believe is most inclusive and representative of Kentucky values," Chair Sannie Overly said. "We fight for what is important to families."

"Our immediate priority is to win the four special elections next month for the Ky House. All are competitive seats and all have excellent candidates. Wins on March 8th will propel us to wins across Kentucky this November," Chair Overly said.

Chair Overly’s election is a signal that keeping our majority in the Kentucky House of Representatives is Democrats' top priority. Many on the committee signaled the House majority as critical to standing up to Gov. Matt Bevin and his policies that will stifle and reverse our state’s progress in recent years.

“Electing Chair Overly was the clearest signal to our party that the battle over the Kentucky House is where all Democrats must focus their time and energy. The House will hold Gov. Bevin accountable to the people and help ensure we don’t allow the kinds of abuses of power seen in other states," outgoing KDP Chair Patrick Hughes said.

Chair Overly takes office immediately. She will work with the executive committee and local parties to win the upcoming March 8 special elections and lead the way to victory for all Kentucky Democrats on the ballot in November.