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Kentucky Democratic Party Demands McConnell Return Contributions From Governor Who Pardoned Convicted Child Molesters, Sex Offenders and Murderers

Today, the Kentucky Democratic Party demands Mitch McConnell return the $2,500 he enthusiastically accepted from disgraced former Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour.

In his final days in office, Barbour pardoned over 40 convicted child molesters, sex offenders, and murderers. Barbour’s despicable pardoning of society’s worst offending criminals is inexcusable. Kentuckians are left wondering whether Mitch McConnell agrees with this major supporter and would be comfortable letting such miscreants “play with his grandchildren unsupervised.”

Kentucky Democratic Party Chairman Dan Logsdon said today: “It is deeply troubling that Mitch McConnell’s campaign is bankrolled by Haley Barbour, someone who let convicted killers, sex offenders and child molesters roam free. McConnell ought to immediately return Barbour’s contribution.The people of Kentucky deserve better than a senator who not only fails our working families, but also aligns himself with the likes of Haley Barbour.”



Barbour Defended Over 200 Pardons, Saying He Would Be Comfortable Letting Them "Play With His Grandchildren Unsupervised." In January 2012, Time Magazine reported that "Former Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour on Friday defended more than 200 pardons he issued during his final days in office, 41 of which he gave to convicted murderers, sex offenders and child molesters… Barbour went on to say that he would be perfectly comfortable allowing any of the pardoned 'trusties' – prisoners who worked in the governor’s mansion, some of whom were murderers – to play with his grandchildren unsupervised." [TIME, 1/14/12]

Haley Barbour Donated To McConnell In 2013 Fourth Quarter. In February 2014, Bloomberg News reported that "McConnell’s donors in last year’s fourth quarter included General Electric Co. (GE) CEO Jeffrey Immelt, American Bankers Association CEO Frank Keating, Baupost Group LLC president Seth Klarman and former Republican National Committee chairman Haley Barbour. Billionaire Harold Simmons, the former chairman of Contran Corp., donated to McConnell’s campaign 12 days before his death on Dec. 28." [Bloomberg, 2/4/14]