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KDP Introduces "TV Man" - The Taxpayer-Funded TV

Using the Kentucky State Fair’s annual Country Ham Breakfast as a backdrop, the Kentucky Democratic Party introduced a promising new player onto the scene today: “TV Man,” a high-definition replica of the taxpayer-funded $17,400 plasma television in Senate President and Republican nominee David Williams’ office.

“TV Man” is a lively (and slightly below scale) tribute to the $17,400, 60-inch plasma television that was part of David Williams’ lavish 2006 office remodeling. Even after five good years together, however, Williams has apparently come down with an election-year case of buyer’s remorse. Last week, he blatantly lied about his fancy office TV during an interview on WAVE-3.

TV Man

Despite being forsaken by Williams, “TV Man” pledges to stick close to the man who made him famous as the campaign season continues.

For a link to Williams’ blatantly dishonest TV interview last week, click here.

The 2006 invoice, which was furnished to the Finance Cabinet and covers much of the massive taxpayer-funded remodeling of Williams’ office, can be viewed here.