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KDP Chairman Urges 4th District County Chairs to Support Bill Adkins for Possible Special Election

With the resignation of Congressman Geoff Davis, the Kentucky Democratic Party Chairman is urging 4th District Democratic chairman to stand behind Grant County Attorney Bill Adkins in an expected special election for the seat. While details of the expected special election have yet to be released, the Chairman praised Adkins as the right candidate with the right message for 4th District voters. “4th District Democrats have a great candidate in Bill Adkins and a great opportunity to turn the district Democratic,” said the Chairman. “Bill Adkins is a strong leader, active in his community and has developed a reputation as a man who can be trusted to put people before politics. I am confident our Democratic county chairs will stand strong behind Mr. Adkins should a special election be held, just as I know they will for the general election.” While Adkins has already won the Democratic nomination for the November 6th general election, the recent resignation of Congressman Geoff Davis has left a vacancy expected to be filled by a special election. Adkins will face Republican Thomas Massie. Massie’s campaign has come under fire recently for being publicly supported by an out of state PAC, Liberty For All, whose director publicly declared himself an anarchist during a recent arrest for DUI. Should a Special Election be called to fill out the remainder of Geoff Davis’ term, a caucus of 4th District County Chairs will convene to choose a nominee. The date of such a caucus would be chosen by the Chairman.