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KDP Chairman on Rand Paul's Synthetic Drug Holds

Continuing on his quest to corner the market on “crazy and dangerous” Kentucky’s Junior Senator, Republican Rand Paul, has confirmed he has placed a debilitating procedural hold on three bills aimed at outlawing synthetic drugs. The bills, which have bi-partisan backing, are now in jeopardy with Rand Paul being the sole roadblock to their continued advancement. Sen. Paul’s evolving rationale for fighting to keep dangerous drugs in the hands of Kentucky’s children has now moved from his previous desire to see illegal drugs combated at the local level as he claims that his hold on the legislation is meant to prevent the spread of Islam in the nation’s prison system.

“Rand Paul says that he is helping to keep drugs on Kentucky’s streets because he wants to make sure criminals aren’t converting to Islam – you simply cannot make nonsense like this up,” said Dan Logsdon, Chairman of the Kentucky Democratic Party. “If he’s so worried about prisoners converting to Islam that he is willing to place the lives of Kentucky’s children at risk by allowing dangerous drugs on our streets, my advice to Senator Paul is that he just go ahead and make crime legal so we won’t have prisons any more. Rand Paul needs to regain whatever toehold he had on reality and realize that what he is doing is going to hurt Kentucky’s children in a very real way and he is going to have to live with that.”

It was reported in Saturday’s Lexington Herald-Leader that Paul has placed a procedural hold on three bills aimed at outlawing the chemicals used to produce synthetic drugs, powerful and dangerous substances that are growing in popularity among youths. Paul’s office confirmed to the Herald-Leader that, despite bi-partisan support and the backing of drug-enforcement agencies, the Senator believes that drug enforcement should be a local issue, an argument that flies in the face of both national drug policy and common sense.

Not only had Senator Paul refused to back down from his foolish and dangerous position, it was reported today that he has informed his Senate colleagues that his rationale for placing the hold on the synthetic drug legislation is to prevent the spread of the Islamic faith among the nation’s prison system. In a letter to Sens. Amy Klobuchar, D-Minnesota, and Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, Sen. Paul explained his actions with the excuse that “Islam is currently the fastest-growing religion among prisoners in the United States.”

“Sen. Paul seems to have forgotten that real people – sons, daughters, mothers and fathers - are going to get hurt every day these dangerous drugs stay on the street,” said Logsdon. “Kentuckians need to get through to Rand Paul that he was sent to Washington to be an advocate for the Commonwealth – not to conduct insanity-based political science experiments while more Kentucky children fall victim to drugs.”