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HBO's John Oliver Slams Matt Bevin


HBO's John Oliver Slams Matt Bevin 
HBO, Last Week Tonight With John Oliver 
November 1, 2015
Key Points: 
  • Oliver: But perhaps the most striking election this year is in Kentucky where they did expand Medicaid and by all accounts it has worked brilliantly. Kentucky has seen the nation's steepest drop in the rates of uninsured residents. Only an idiot would try to undo that. Which brings me to gubernatorial candidate Matt Bevin
  • Oliver: The only rational explanation [for Bevin's statements about Medicaid] is that Matt Bevin has cloned himself and his clone, Batt Mevin, is even stupider than he is.
  • Oliver: Bevin did however get a $100,000 state grant to re-open his factory. So if Matt Bevin ends up winning, I presume he'll give you healthcare as long as you cover yourself in bells and set yourself on fire. 
  • Oliver: But the real irony here is that Bevin did not have insurance to cover the fire because he claimed 'no company would insure the buildings for a price that made sense.' That's right, because the cost of insurance was too high he needed to turn to the government for help. And quite frankly Matt Bevin, that should ring a F****** Bell.