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The GOP’s Manufactured Crisis

As Democrats and Republicans in the Senate work together to reach a compromise solution to reopen the government and make sure we don’t default on our financial obligations, House Republicans continue to demand a ransom just to fulfill their basic responsibilities -- passing a budget and paying the nations bills. It’s time for them to stop listening to the Tea Party and start listening to the American people.

Recent polling on the GOP’s manufactured crisis:

  • Yesterday’s WaPo/ABC Poll finds nearly three quarters of Americans disapprove of the way Republicans in Congress are handling negotiations over the budget (74%), up from 63% since the start of the shutdown after hitting 70% last week.
  • A new poll by Rasmussen shows Democrats leading the generic Congressional ballot by a commanding 7%.
  • Last week’s NBC/WSJ poll found that:
    • 70% of Americans and 40% of Republicans think Congressional Republicans are putting their own politics ahead of the good of the country.
    • Only 24% have a favorable opinion of the GOP, and only 21% have a favorable opinion of the Tea Party. That’s a record low for both.
    • Voters blame Republicans over the President for the government shutdown by a 22% margin, which is an even wider margin than the GOP’s last shutdown in the Clinton Administration.
  • PPP Polls released last week show that the GOP is in danger of losing the House in 2014 in the wake of the government shutdown.
  • A CBS Poll finds that 72% of Americans oppose the GOP shutdown that’s hurting our economy. Even among those who disapprove of the health law, a full 59% oppose the GOP shutdown that is driven by an extreme minority within their party.
  • A CNN poll finds that 69% of Americans, including 52% of Tea Party supporters, think Congressional Republicans are “acting like spoiled children”
  • Republicans members who have orchestrated this shutdown are also seeing disapproval from their constituents, even in red states. 56 percent of Utahans disagreed it was worth shutting down the government as part of the effort by Lee and other members of the tea party caucus, and just 37 percent agreed.

The Huffington Post/ Pollster shows just how the GOP’s shutdown is impacting polling on generic national House Races: