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Franklin County Democrats Launch New Digital Ad: "Warning"

Today the Franklin County Democratic Party joined with the Kentucky Democratic Party to launch a new digital advertisement: "Warning."
The 15 second spot highlights the contrast between Attorney General Jack Conway and Matt Bevin on Kentucky's pension system. The ad will run from today through election day and will specifically target retired voters in Franklin County through social media. 
"Kentuckians need to know that Attorney General Jack Conway is the only candidate that we can trust to protect our pension system and stand up for retirees as governor," said Franklin County Democratic Party Chairman George Russell.  "Bevin has a record of losing money for pension recipients while charging 'above average' taxpayer funded fees -- and his plan would jeopardize our pension system while forcing seniors to gamble with their retirement on the stock market.  The contrast on this issue is clear: while Jack Conway will stand up for seniors, retirees cannot trust an 'East Coast Con Man' like Bevin with their pensions." 
The State Journal wrote that Bevin's pension experience is "less than stellar," highlighting how his pension company lost money for retirees while charging "above-average" taxpayer funded fees. Pension experts have stated that Bevin's plan "throws pension-holders under the bus” and "would further endanger state pensions."