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Farmers Speak Out Against Matt Bevin Ahead of Farm Bureau Forum

FRANKFORT, KY — On a press conference call ahead of the Kentucky Farm Bureau Forum, today Kentucky farmers joined KDP Chairman Patrick Hughes to speak about the contrast between Attorney General Jack Conway’s proven record of fighting for Kentucky farmers and Matt Bevin’s self-interested political agenda that would hurt farmers and Kentucky’s rural communities. 

The farmers specifically highlighted Bevin’s opposition to the Farm Bill which provides critical economic security and stability for Kentucky agriculture, as well as Bevin’s plan to eliminate important tax support measures for Kentucky farmers. Audio of the call is available on request. 

“It’s no surprise that Kentucky farmers don’t trust Matt Bevin — he’s an ‘East Coast Con Man’ who has demonstrated a consistent pattern of dishonesty, deceit and hypocrisy,” said Kentucky Democratic Party Chairman Patrick Hughes. “Whether Bevin is lying about his failure to pay his taxes or pushing his self-interested political agenda that hurts Kentucky’s hardworking farmers, it’s clear that Kentuckians cannot trust Bevin to look out for us because he’s only ever looking out for himself.” 

“Jack Conway has been a true friend to Kentucky farmers, and I am confident that he will continue fighting for us as our next governor,” said Alex Barnett, a farmer from Harrison County. “Matt Bevin is a different story: he’s made it clear that he completely opposes the Farm Bill which provides a critical safety net for our rural economy, and helps make sure that farmers have the support they need to continue feeding our citizens and managing our land. If Bevin was willing to oppose the Farm Bill for the sake of his political agenda, there’s no way that Kentucky farmers can trust him to look out for us as governor.” 


“Agriculture is a critical part of our economy, and Jack has offered smart, commonsense ideas to continue his record of supporting Kentucky farmers as governor,” said David Neville, a farmer from Henry County. “Bevin’s businesses benefitted from a taxpayer funded bailout — but he wants to eliminate important tax credits that support Kentucky farmers. We cannot trust Matt Bevin, and for farmers the choice in this election is clear: we back Jack Conway.” 


Bevin Opposes Farm Bill, Mitch McConnell Spokeswoman: “If Bevin Ever Spoke to Our Farmers, He Would Understand the Importance of This Bill to Kentucky Agriculture.” [Associated Press, 2/05/14]

Farm Bill Contained Critical Language Allowing Kentucky’s Industrial Hemp Pilot Research Program. “The Kentucky Department of Agriculture Industrial Hemp Pilot Research Program is the result of the passage of two separate laws: Kentucky’s Senate Bill 50, passed by the Kentucky General Assembly in 2013, and the 2014 Federal Farm Bill singed into law February 7, 2014…The 2014 Federal Farm Bill section 7606 allows state departments of agriculture, in states were industrial hemp is legal, to administer industrial hemp pilot programs for the purposes of research and development.” [Kentucky Department of Agriculture, accessed 7/20/15]

Kentucky Farm Bureau: Farm Bill Crucial to Providing Economic Safety Net to Farmers.  “The new farm bill also meets the most crucial standards- providing an economic safety net plus the resources to help farmers continue to feed our citizens and many others throughout the world…A farm bill is crucial for enabling farmers to effectively and efficiently manage their land, resources and businesses for the years ahead.” [Kentucky Farm Bureau, 2/11/14]

Bevin Called to Eliminate Tax Credits – Including Hundreds of Millions for Agriculture Development. In April 2015, Bevin called to “get rid of what are called tax expenditures.” According to the most recent tax expenditure analysis, Kentucky tax expenditures include $350 million for agricultural development. [Jessamine County Forum, 4/25/15; Governor’s Office for Economic Analysis Office of State budget Director, 4/30/14]