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Congratulations to Our New State Central Executive Committee

A few short months ago, the Kentucky Democratic Party began our reorganization process and our mission to renew the party from the precinct level up. After lots of hard work and participation from thousands of Kentucky Democrats across the Commonwealth, the reorganization process came to a very successful end on June 2nd with the election of a new State Central Executive Committee.

We’d like to thank every Kentucky Democrat who participated in our reorganization process. The unprecedented level of enthusiasm showed that Kentucky Democrats have some very successful years to look forward to in the future.

Below, please find a list of folks who will serve on the KDP’s State Central Executive Committee. Some names may look familiar; some have been involved in our party for years. When you bump into these folks, we hope you’ll take a minute to thank them for offering to step up and put in the hard work necessary to make sure your Kentucky Democratic Party stays strong.

Our Newly Elected SCEC Members

Denzil Allen
Alison Amon
Queenie Averette
Ann Ballard
Crystal Chappelle
Lindsay Dickinson
Milly Diehl
Andrea Ewen
Clay Ford
DeeDee Ford
Liz Fossett
Susanna French
Joey George
Steve Gold
Joe Graviss
Tom Guidugli
Lou Gunnell
Diane Hancock
Kathy Hinkle
Phinis Hundley
Cody Johnson
Romamza Johnson
Charlotte Lundergan
Brenda McClanahan
Tiffany Miller
George Mills
Charlie Moore
Jim Morphew
Jeff Noble
Emi Ramirez
Austin Redmon
Bill Ryan
Jordan Shewmaker
Roy Sizemore
Jim Stammerman
Bob Stewart
Kathy Jo Stubblefield
Winnie Townsend
Jeanie Trumbo
Karen Ward
Michelle Williams
Alan Winkenhofer
Marcus Woodward