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Check Out Our New Talking Points Section

You know its campaign season when the false attacks from Republicans start to fly.

You have seen it before - a Republican at the top of the ticket running scared and willing to say anything and everything with no regard for the truth. We saw it last year here in Kentucky with David Williams and now you're seeing the same tactics from Mitt Romney, Mitch McConnell and their DC cronies. When you combine the money of a robber-baron with the political good will of a sewer rat, Democrats need to make sure to keep our guard up.

There are a number of talking points that are made available to help Democrats fight the coming smear campaign. In order to help make sure Kentucky Democrats are ready to defend the President from the attacks that have already started and the ones we know are coming, the Kentucky Democratic Party has put together a searchable talking point data base on our website.

Visit to see the new Talking Points Section.

We hope that this tool will be helpful as we see the false attacks emerge and become amplified by the GOP smear machine.

The KDP is committed to helping make sure you have everything you need to defend our party and our candidate. Let's make sure that this November we bring home a winner, up and down the ticket.