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The Lexington-Herald Leader reports that at an event yesterday, Matt Bevin claimed he backed Sen. Mitch McConnell following their primary. Bevin's nose grew a little bit longer. He never endorsed Sen. McConnell. See articles below.
At the event yesterday, Bevin also claimed that he personally "wrote checks" and “attended fundraiser after fundraiser” for Sen. McConnell. That is also not true. There is no FEC record of Bevin contributing to Sen. McConnell after the primary. See the video here
WAVE 3: "Bevin doesn't ask supporters to get behind McConnell.” [WAVE 3, 5/20/14]
AP: Bevin never publicly endorsed McConnell.” [The Associated Press, 5/14/15]
WAVE 3: “Bevin Won’t Endorse McConnell, Again.”  [WAVE 3, 10/5/14]
The Courier-Journal: "Bevin refused to endorse McConnell.” [The Courier-Journal, 5/6/15]
The Washington Post: "Bevin refused to endorse McConnell after he lost.” [The Washington Post, 5/20/15]
The New York Times: 'Mr. Bevin… refused to endorse him.” [The New York Times, 5/20/15]
Politico: “He declined to endorse McConnell last year.” [Politico, 5/16/15]
The National Journal: "'I think if you're Matt Bevin… you are really regretting that you didn't take fifteen minutes last summer to hold a press conference with Mitch McConnell and endorse him,’ said Jennings.” [The National Journal, 5/17/15]
The Lexington Herald-Leader: "'I think Bevin disqualified himself with most Republican voters when he refused to endorse McConnell after the primary,' said Josh Holmes, McConnell's top campaign adviser." [The Lexington Herald-Leader, 1/28/15]