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Barr’s Party Leaders Vote For Millionaires Over Medicare

Voters rejected last year Andy Barr and his plan to end Medicare while giving tax breaks to millionaire companies and billionaires. Today, Andy Barr’s party leaders in Washington showed their true priorities once again — voting for the Republican budget that chooses millionaires over Medicare.

The AARP has warned that the “proposal is likely to simply increase costs for beneficiaries while removing Medicare’s promise of secure health coverage,” while the Brookings Tax Policy Center showed that people making over $1 million per year would get a $394,000 tax cut.

“Andy Barr’s party bosses in Washington have once again chosen to side with millionaires and billionaires and end the Medicare guarantee that Kentucy seniors paid a lifetime to earn,” said Dan Logsdon, Chairman of the Kentucky Democratic Party . “Barr’s misplaced priorities would raise seniors’ health care costs to protect millionaires and companies that ship American jobs overseas. Kentucky voters will remember that Washington Republicans voted to kill Medicare when we go to the polls in November."