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Another No Good, Very Bad Week For Matt Bevin

It was another horrific week for "East Coast Con Man" Matt Bevin. Republican defectionsWeak fundraising and questionable spending -- including hundreds of dollars spent on "promotional bells" from his company. And most significantly, Bevin is in full damage control mode after disparaging seniors at this week's AARP debate by stating that Medicare recipients are "on the draw." One columnist even described his campaign as a "Unholy Mess." 
See for yourself:  
Cincinnati Enquirer: Some Republicans Abandoning Matt Bevin. "Some prominent Northern Kentucky Republicans have told The Enquirer they support Democratic gubernatorial candidate Jack Conway...'I feel like Conway will work with us and help us," said Northern Kentucky Republican donor and developer Bill Butler told the Enquirer he supports Conway. New campaign finance reports filed Thursday showed Butler gave Conway $1,000.'" [Cincinnati Enquirer, 10/9/15]
State Journal Editorial: Bevin's Plans Hurt Kentuckians. "Bevin’s plan would cost taxpayer’s an estimated $23 million to dismantle kynect, move everyone to the more expensive federal exchange, and leave the state on the hook to still pay for Medicaid while hoping the federal government would grant Kentucky 1115 waivers.  That’s taking away health care for Franklin residents who earn $16,240 as an individual or $33,460 for a family of four and telling them the federal government might grant the state a waiver for their Medicaid and it might not." [The State Journal, 10/9/15]
MSNBC: Drug tests for Medicare recipients? "Republican gubernatorial hopeful Matt Bevin has expressed support for expanding drug testing to include senior citizens on Medicare." [MSNBC, 10/8/15]
Courier-Journal: Dems blast Bevin call to drug test seniors. "Democrats on Wednesday continued their assault on Republican gubernatorial candidate Matt Bevin, claiming that he has supported the idea of randomly drug testing senior citizens who receive Medicare, a claim that could harm Bevin with the most staunchly active voting bloc." [The Courier-Journal, 10/8/15]
CN2: State Democrats look to make hay from Matt Bevin's "on the draw" comment with senior-citizen voters."KDP Chairman Patrick Hughes and Doyle Stacy of Louisville said the GOP nominee should apologize to Kentuckians who receive Medicare.Stacy said the comment “demonstrates that he doesn’t understand the significance of Medicare.'When I heard Matt Bevin say that I was quote on the draw for using Medicare, I was outraged,' he said. 'I paid into Medicare my entire working life. This is a program that I and hundreds of thousands of other seniors have earned.'” [CN2, 10/8/15]
Lexington Herald-Leader: Matt Bevin's remarks on drug-testing Medicare recipients gets attention of national Democrats. "In April, Bevin said during a Louisville Tea Party forum that he supports random drug testing for recipients of both programs." [Lexington Herald-Leader, 10/7/15]
WHAS: Bevin Said Seniors On Medicare Are "On The Draw." "Bevin was asked specifically why he supports random drug testing for Medicare recipients...and he responded that seniors receiving Medicare are "on the draw", even though recipients must have paid into the program during their working life." [WHAS, 10/6/15]
CNHI: Conway Has Big Fundraising Lead Over Bevin. "That kind of spending deficit on television, occurring at a time voters often focus on their final decisions in the waning days of a campaign, might make it hard for Bevin to overcome even a relatively small gap in the polls of five points." [CNHI, 10/8/15]
Straub: "An Unholy Mess." "Since his primary victory Bevin has made what can only be described as an unholy mess of his campaign. He has flip-flopped more often than a smallmouth bass on the bottom of a Crestliner. Even scholars in ancient languages have failed to decipher where in the hell he comes down on the Medicaid expansion adopted by Beshear." [Northern Kentucky Tribune, 10/8/15]
CN2: Jack Conway holds fundraising edge in governor's race as Matt Bevin contributes more than half of his $1.7M haul. "Democratic Attorney General Jack Conway has more than three times as much campaign cash in the bank as Republican Matt Bevin, according to the latest fundraising reports filed with the Kentucky Registry of Election Finance on Wednesday." [CN2, 10/07/15]
Lexington Herald-Leader: Tax Returns Are "None Of Your Business." Conway also pressed the case of Bevin's refusal to follow the state's bipartisan tradition of candidates releasing their tax returns...Bevin went on to say that 'frankly, it's none of your business.'" [Lexington Herald-Leader, 10/6/15]