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Ahead of Lincoln Day Dinner, KDP Releases “Draw Your Own Bevin Portrait” Guide

FRANKFORT, KY — Ahead of Matt Bevin’s appearance at tonight’s Republican State Lincoln Day Dinner,  the Kentucky Democratic Party is releasing a "Draw Your Own Bevin Portrait" guide for attendees. The 1 page guide, which is below and attached, includes instructions, a portrait frame, and quotes from Kentucky Republicans about Bevin to serve as inspiration. Copies of the guide will also be sent to the event organizers. It’s available online here

“Here’s what Republicans actually think about Matt ‘Bevinocchio’ Bevin: he’s an ‘East Coast Con Man,' a ‘Pathological Liar,’ and his 'falsehoods right off the bat aren't doing the party any favors,’” said Kentucky Democratic Party Chairman Patrick Hughes.  “Since the speakers tonight probably won’t be sharing their real feelings about Bevin, this guide along with will let attendees know what Republicans really think about Bevin’s self-interested political agenda that is so badly out of touch with Kentucky’s values.” 

For more information about what Republicans really think about Bevin, dinner-goers can also visit the KDP’s new website, 

Draw Your Own Bevin Portrait!
"If somehow Matt Bevin got into the governor's mansion his only agenda would be the commissioning of his portrait."‎ -- Republican aide to Sen. McConnell Josh Holmes. 

These Party dinners can be long, and most of the speakers won’t be saying how they really feel about Matt Bevin anyway.  So use this time to draw your own Bevin portrait. Instructions: 

  1. Pick a backdrop that’s appropriate. For example: a cockfighting rally, the East Coast or MIT. 
  2. Draw the nose correctly; this is Matt “Bevinocchio” after all. 
  3. Don’t worry about being accurate or truthful in your drawing – Matt Bevin never does.
  4. Need inspiration? Check out the quotes below or visit to learn what Republicans really think about Bevin. 

Visit to see what you said about Matt Bevin before tonight!

Republican Allison Moore, Sen. McConnell Spokeswoman: “Twenty years from now, we will all remember the time when the East Coast con-man thought so little of Kentuckians that he pathologically lied to us about absolutely everything until an undercover camera caught him red-handed at a cockfighting rally.” [Washington Post, 4/25/14

Senator Rand Paul: “The fact that at one point he said he was for TARP but now he’s against TARP, it does hurt credibility.”  [The Hill, 2/18/14]

Republican Ag. Commissioner James Comer: Bevin is “The Easiest Person For Jack Conway to Beat.” [KET, 5/11/15]

Republican GOP Chair Bill Stone on Bevin: “It’s hard to mend fences when you don’t tell the truth.” [Insider Louisville, 5/22/15]

Republican Hal Heiner: Bevin has “Done Nothing…But Trash Other Republicans For The Past Two Years.” [Lexington Herald-Leader, 5/11/15]

Republican Larry Cox, fmr. State Director for Sen. McConnell: “Bevin’s falsehoods right off of the bat aren’t doing the party any favors.” [Insider Louisville, 5/22/15]