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5 Takeaways From Matt Bevin's Lexington Event

FRANKFORT, KY -- At Matt Bevin's event at the Lexington Chamber, he continued to prove why Republicans called him an 'East Coast Con Man' and a 'Pathological Liar.' Here are 5 takeaways about the event from the press coverage: 
Bevin Isn't Providing Specifics. "“He zeroed in on tax loopholes, which he said cost the state ‘over $10 billion in opportunity costs,’ but provided no specifics on which ones he would target for elimination.” [Business Lexington,9/10/15]
Bevin Isn't Taking Questions. "No stranger to testy exchanges with the media, the GOP hopeful made himself available following the event but refused to take questions from some reporters." [WUKY, 9/10/15]
Bevin Won't Take Responsibility For His Company's Investments in For-Profit Colleges -- And His Excuses Make No Sense. "Bevin said Thursday he couldn’t comment on the moves because clients directed how their funds were invested. 'It’s their money,” he said. 'It gets invested where they want it to be invested, and so ask me a question about that, I couldn’t even begin to give you an answer as to why that particular client in that instance wanted it the best return they could have on their money without any kind of restrictions on it, so determination was made at that time.'” [CN2, 9/10/15]
Bevin Keeps Lying About His Positions on Critical Issues. "Now Matt Bevin is for Medicaid expansion repeal again? He's literally changing his mind by the hour...#KYGOV" [Insider Louisville Tweet, 9/10/15]
Bevin is Lying About Attorney General Conway's Record. "Bevin said his Democratic opponent only joined a lawsuit against the EPA at the behest of the Senate Natural Resources and Energy Committee…A review of minutes from the July 3, 2014, meeting of the Interim Joint Committee on Natural Resources and Environment, chaired that day by Rep. Jim Gooch, D-Providence, shows a discussion of the proposed carbon dioxide emissions regulations, but no mention of potential lawsuits against the federal agency. Assistant Attorney General Gregory Dutton attended the meeting but did not testify, and no action was taken by the committee.” [CN2, 9/10/15