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The 4 Lies Matt Bevin Told On The Radio This Morning

In one of his most outrageous performances to date, this morning on the Lee Cruse Radio Show Matt Bevin once again demonstrated his pathological dishonesty: lashing out at reporters, lying about his failure to pay taxes, and again denying that Kentuckians will lose health coverage when he reverses the Medicaid expansion. 

From David Bergstein of the Kentucky Democratic Party: "As more of Matt Bevin's lies are exposed and he becomes more desperate, his pathological dishonesty seems to be escalating. Now he appears to be almost unhinged in his disconnection from reality. This interview is a perfect example of why an East Coast Con Man like Bevin would be such a dangerous choice to serve as Kentucky's governor." 

See for yourself: 

Bevin: There is not a tax agency in America that thinks I owe them any taxes, or have ever owed. This is absolute bunk.”

  • WAVE: “Bevin late several times on property taxes, documents show.” [WAVE, 6/19/15]

  • WAVE: "Records: Matt Bevin’s company was a property tax delinquent.”[WAVE, 7/14/15]

Bevin on if Kentuckians will lose their health coverage under him: This idea that anyone is losing anything is an absolute scare tactic.” 

  • Matt Bevin, just yesterday in the News-Enterprise: "'I don’t even know if it’s possible to end people’s Medicaid benefits,’ he said. He later suggested some would lose benefits.” [News-Enterprise, 8/11/15]

  • Matt Bevin in February 2015 when asked if he would reverse the Medicaid expansion: “Absolutely. No question about it. I would reverse that immediately.” [Campaign Announcement, 2/23/15]

Bevin on Sen. McConnell: “It was never a personal thing for me, ever. I always voted for him prior to running against him and after he beat me. And that has always been the case. I stated that to everybody that had asked.”

  • Courier-Journal: “Bevin called McConnell a ‘coward,’ said his campaign was ‘childish’ and even used his youngest daughter to call McConnell a liar…And, despite what Bevin says now, he never, ever, ever, endorsed McConnell in the general election.” [Courier-Journal, 5/30/15]

  • WAVE: “Bevin declines to endorse McConnell, again.” [WAVE, 10/29/14]

Bevin on Kentucky reporters: These gentlemen- they’re noisemakers. You talk about people who talk out of both sides of their mouth- that fellow, the first guy John David whatever his name is. That guy has never even met me. I’ve lived in the same town as him for 17 years. He’s written probably 6 to 10 articles about me. Thinks himself the expert on  me. But has never even taken so much as a moment of time to actually meet me."