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10 Ways 10 Days Matt Bevin Lied To Kentucky: Bevin Finally Admitted He Didn't Pay His Taxes

10 Days, 10 Ways Matt Bevin Lied to Kentucky: 
Bevin Finally Admitted He Didn't Pay His Taxes 
FRANKFORT, KY -- Matt Bevin has spent his campaign proving exactly why Republicans called him an 'East Coast Con Man' and a 'Pathological Liar.' That's why each day for 10 days, the Kentucky Democratic Party is highlighting the top 10 reasons why Kentuckians cannot trust Bevin to be governor. 
Today's reason: Bevin finally admitted he didn't pay his taxes. 
For years, Bevin has claimed "I have no tax delinquency problem, nor have I ever." But today, the Associated Press reports Bevin finally admitted he didn't pay his taxes: 
"Voters might have difficulty reconciling Bevin's values with his contradictions. Records show Bevin was late paying his personal and corporate property taxes at least 30 times, only to deny that he has ever had a tax problem. He said he would reverse the state's Medicaid expansion 'immediately,' but later denied he said that. He said he would not object if 'my entire life is truthfully put on the front pages of every paper in America,' yet he has refused to release his personal income tax returns as his opponent, Democrat Jack Conway, has done. Earlier this week, Bevin was asked to explain comments from his running mate, Jenean Hampton, that early childhood education was a 'non-issue' for the campaign. Bevin said 'I will not speak for her nor does she speak for me.' A few minutes later he denied he said it and clarified that Hampton speaks for the ticket but not for him personally....He acknowledged he has been late paying his taxes." 
"Matt Bevin has spent his campaign lying to Kentuckians and proving why even Republicans called him the 'East Coast Con Man,'" said David Bergstein of the Kentucky Democratic Party. "Now that Bevin has finally admitted he didn't pay his taxes, he should apologize to the people of Kentucky for his flagrant, delusional dishonesty. But it's all just more proof why Kentuckians simply do not trust a 'Pathological Liar' like Bevin to be governor." 
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