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10 Days, 10 Ways Matt Bevin Lied to Kentucky: Bevin & Hampton Are Not A "Team"

10 Days, 10 Ways Matt Bevin Lied to Kentucky: 
Bevin & Hampton Are Not A "Team" 
FRANKFORT, KY -- Matt Bevin has spent his campaign proving exactly why Republicans called him an 'East Coast Con Man' and a 'Pathological Liar.' That's why each day for 10 days, the Kentucky Democratic Party is highlighting the top 10 reasons why Kentuckians cannot trust Bevin to be governor. 
Today's reason: Bevin Lied When He Said He And His Lt. Governor Are A "Team." 
At a combative press conference following last night's debate at Eastern Kentucky University , Bevin stated that his running mate Jenean Hampton does not speak for their ticket
"Matt Bevin has spent his campaign lying to Kentuckians and proving why even Republicans called him the 'East Coast Con Man,'" said David Bergstein of the Kentucky Democratic Party. "Bevin's decision to disavow his own running mate means two things. First, he lied when he claimed he was running as a 'team.' And second, if he doesn't even trust his own candidate for Lt. Governor, there's no way Kentuckians trust Bevin to be governor."  
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